Snap On Remote TM-318

SkylinkHome™ TM-318 Snap-On Remote for Wall Switch.


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Product Description

  • Adjust your lights with a remote control
  • Turn your lights on/off/ or dim/brighten from either Wall Switch or Snap-On Remote.
  • Remote can be snapped into the opening of the Wall Switch WE-318 and WR-318.
  • Operation range up to 500ft in an open area.


The SkylinkHome Snap-On Remote gives you the convenience of controlling your lighting at your fingertip. This is ideal to turn off the lights from your bedside, turn the lights on as you pull up on your driveway or dim the lights for a movie without getting up to do it.

This Snap-On Remote is specially designed for snapping it into the opening of the Skylink Wall Switches (WE-001 & WR-001). Depending on your Wall Switch Receiver, the Snap-On Remote can turn your light on and off or dim and brighten within a range up to 500 feet away in an open area.

Additional information

Weight 0.10000 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in
User Manual


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