Dimmer Wall Switch Receiver WR-001

SkylinkHome™ WR-001 On/Off/Dimmer Wall Switch Receiver. Easy Installation without Neutral Wire.


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SkylinkHomeTM WR001 Wall Dimmer

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  • Adjust your lights remotely with a variety of Skylink Transmitters (sold separately).
  • Turn your lights on/off/ or dim/brighten from either your Wall Switch or with a Skylink Remote Control (sold separately).
  • Replace your existing wall switch with the Skylink On/Off/Dimmer Wall Switch Receiver (WR-001).
  • Install without neutral wire! Easy installation and DIY.
  • Snap on a decorative cover, Model TM-002 (sold separately), on the opening of the Wall Switch receiver for a stylish look.
  • Works with light loads as well as appliance loads of up to 300W at 120V AC
  • Works with incandescent, CFL or Tungsten light bulbs.
  • Operation range up to 300ft in an open area.


The SkylinkHome On/Off/Dimmer Wall Switch Receiver (WR-001) gives you the convenience of controlling your lighting with a variety Skylink Transmitters (sold separately). This is ideal to turn the lights on as you pull up on your driveway or to turn off the lights from your bed so you don’t have to get up and do it.

Simply replace your existing wall switch with the new Skylink Wall Switch receiver. Unlike many other brands of wall switches, our Skylink Wall Switch receiver doesn’t require neutral wiring, making the installation even easier. Once properly installed you will be able to wirelessly turn the lights on and off with up to eight Skylink wireless transmitters, such as the Remote Controls (TC-318 Series), LCD Deluxe Remotes (TD-318), Keychain Remotes (LK-318), Wireless Wall Switches (TB-318), Motion Sensors (ID-318) or Snap-On Remotes (TM-318).

With the SkylinkNet Internet Hub (HU-100), you can start controlling your Skylink Wall Switch with your Smartphone by downloading our free SkylinkNet App for iOS and Android.

To give the Skylink Wall Switch receiver a more stylish look, snap on a decorative cover, TM-001 (sold separately), to the opening of the Wall Switch receiver. Once the Snap-On Cover has been placed on the opening of the Wall Switch receiver, simply press the cover to turn the lights on/off, or tap and hold the cover to dim/brighten the lights.

*For dimming function, light bulbs must be dimmable. Not compatible with LED light.

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Weight 0.50000 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in
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