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SkylinkHome™ Deluxe Remotes, TC-318-10


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SkylinkHomeTM TC31810 Deluxe Remotes

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  • Credit Card sized transmitters :

– Can be carried with you and used to control many applications.

  • Up to 500 feet operating range in an open area :

– Long range, no problem.

  • 10 button transmitter :

– Choice different buttons to control different applications.

  • Can dim if controlling a dimmable receiver and dimmable load :

– Only SkylinkHome wireless can control dimmable CFL light bulbs.

  • Control devices and / or up to 6 zones with unlimited devices in each zone :

– Good for large homes and business with different lights and applications.

  • With Zone on / Zone off Function :

– Control multiple lights in one zone up to 10 zones.

  • Zone dimming :

– Allows multiple lights to be dimmed in the same zone.

  • All On / All Off :

– Turn all devices on / off, good when leaving home and coming back.

  • Password setting :

– For security purposes in case transmitter is lost.

  • Long life lithium battery included :

– Pre-installed lithium battery CR-2032.

  • Changeable Transmitter ID :

– Changing the ID will erase the transmitter from all the programmed receivers.

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Weight 0.20000 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 1 in
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