Wall Switch Receiver WE-318

SkylinkHome™ WE-318 On/Off Wall Switch Receiver with Snap-On Remote. Easy Installation without Neutral Wire.


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Product Description

  • Adjust your lights with a remote control
  • Turn your lights on/off from either your Wall Switch or Snap-On remote.
  • Replace your existing wall switch with the Skylink On/Off Switch receiver (WE-001).
  • Install without neutral wire! Easy installation and DIY.
  • Remote can be snapped into the opening of the Wall Switch.
  • On/Off function – works with light loads of up to 600W at 120V AC and appliances of up to 1000W at 120V AC.
  • Works with incandescent, CFL or Tungsten light bulbs
  • Operation range up to 500ft in an open area.


The SkylinkHome On/Off/Wall Switch Receiver Kit (WE-318) gives you the convenience of controlling your lighting with a Snap-On Remote. This is ideal to turn the lights on as you pull up on your driveway or to turn off the lights from your bedside without getting up to do it.

Simply replace your existing wall switch with the new Skylink Wall Switch receiver. Unlike many other brands of wall switches, our Skylink HomeControl Wall Switch receiver doesn’t require neutral wiring, making the installation even easier. Once properly installed you will be able to wirelessly turn the lights on and off with the wall switch or the included Snap-On Remote. The remote can be snapped into opening of the Wall Switch receiver and be used as a remote Wall Switch.

The Snap-On Remote carries a signal up to 500 feet away in an open area. You can also add up to eight Skylink wireless transmitters, such as the Wireless Wall Switch (TB-318), Motion Sensor (ID-318) or Remote Controls (TC-318 Series), to control your Wall Switch receiver.

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Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in
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